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1995.....Feeling a bit drowned in emotions of sorts, so spare me guys! I cannot be more indebted to anyone other than my beloved grandmother whose death became the primary causative factor for this journey of mine. After my dadi was diagnosed of abdominal cancer and we were told by the doctors at AIIMS that she does not have more than six months in her hands, my father and uncles were all searching for some alternative medicine which could at least subdue the pain. My father, being a doctor knew in his heart that the said “Six Months” may be too long a period. As far as my memory goes, i have always seen my father practising meditation for long hours every day (One day just out of curiosity i opened the door of the puja room to find my father in a state where in he was staring at Durgaji’s photograph, with bloodshot eyes and tears rolling down, i for a moment thought the reasons for that to be “some sort of financial Crisis” , which he was not able to share with us and felt a kind of pity on him, Later to realise the actual reason!) and indulging in all sorts of religious activities. While the search was on for the alternative medicines in delhi , one of his friends , an IPS officer, who was on deputation with investigating agency and knew my father’s spiritual bent ,just called up and told him “ I am going to meet a very interesting guy, he is an IPS officer and has amazing healing powers. Would you like to accompany me?” My father jumped at the Idea! After he came from the meeting to my place, he was in a different state altogether! And said , today i have found my guru! I could hardly understand any significance of all this . I just came to the point and asked “ Did he tell anything about Dadi?” and then the story followed. In short without my father asking about his mother, baba said “your mother is suffering from cancer, i will not interfere with the law of nature,but i can assure that she will have a painless death. Just give this Udi with water to her.” My whole family is witness to the fact that after this incident, dadi survived for couple of months and that too without pain!. Guruji gave few photographs of Sainath and told my father to share with the family members that was my first introduction to Sainath.
After that meeting with guruji , my father categorically told me to go to baba’s temple every week, which i followed by making short visits, just to appease him, not really thinking about seeing guruji,. I come from a place called deoghar ( It’s famous for being one of the jyotirlinga among 12 jyotirlinga in india) and like everyone else in the town, i too had a personal sort of connection with shivji , and i had often exploited that relationship for small favours like , getting the electricity back, getting good grades and getting many small issues resolved which were so important then. I started asking for similar favours from sainath , but to my surprise the response was totally negative and i was denied everything that i asked . I always thought in my mind “what kind of god is he?? Shivji was much better”. In 1998 finally i was asked to accompany my mother to a trip to shirdi, and that was my first visit. My mother forcefully told me not to forget to ask about my career ,when i go in front of baba. The whole shirdi trip was like a dream , many strange things happened. The moment i came face to face with baba , i don’t know what happened , tears started rolling , throat got completely choked , and i was going through strange emotion which i never experienced in my life. Suddenly in the midst of that moment , i faintly remembered my mother’s command , instead of asking about career, i just told baba that if at all you have to give me something , just make guruji accept me!. I still don’t know why i asked for that , and why guruji’s face came in front of me although i had just seen him once from a distance! !.

After shirdi trip, when i landed in delhi , it was Thursday and suddenly the urge to see guruji became so strong that i could not resist an immediate visit to chattarpur temple , where i thought the probability of finding him was maximum. It must be around 6 PM and guruji was singing in the main hall. I was standing in the queue to do pranam to baba and just told baba in my mind that If he is my master then at least he should give me a look? the moment i turned my head towards guruji, he was looking at me with a smile on his face and compassion in the eyes and recognised my existence by nodding his head. I was just so overwhelmed by the situation that i could not even go and touch his feet. After aarti , i just heard from someone that guruji was leaving , and i saw him standing outside the temple with a huge crowd surrounding him. I was standing at the back mentally thanking him for everything. As he was about to enter into his car, suddenly he turned around and came charging towards me , gave few chocolates and looked me into my eyes and said “Welcome”.
Saurabh Vatsa, New Delhi
Revered Shri C B Satpathy Ji is known to one and all as "Guruji" or to some, simply the ever forgiving and protecting father. He is an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, and for him, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba is the ultimate reality.

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